The Templars
the Templars' MCCL logo
Years Active 2012-current
Team Color gold
Team Motto Unknown
Current King Rachel Bigelow (2015-)
Previous Kings Mike Davis (2014-)

Robert Hubbard (2012-2014)

David P. Schneider (2012)

General Manager Rob Bennett
Combined Regular Season Record 8-13 (3 seasons)
Championship Titles none

The Templars are an active team in the Midwest Combat Chess League.  Formed after the 2011 season after a shakeup with The Cavaliers and to replace the now defunct Mongoose, The Templars have had a rocky history since their inception, only making it to a single semifinals during their 2014 season.



The Templars were formed as a breakoff group from The Cavaliers led by Dave Schneider after the 2011 season.  Consisting of mostly then-and-former Cavaliers who were sympathetic to Schneider's position, the new team arose to replace The Mongoose, which had disbanded due to perennially poor performance.  The Templars did not win a single match in the first half of the season, prompting general manager Rob Bennett to request Schneider step down as king.  He did so, being replaced by Robert Hubbard.  Following the switch, the Templars won 2 matches in a row which inclued a victory over their progenitor team: The Cavaliers.  Nevertheless, they ended the season in 7th place with a record of 2-5.


The 2013 season was technically numerically stronger for the Templars, but highly demoralizing.  They ended the season with another 2-5 record, but only after losing their first 5 consecutive matches.  Their two victories came over the two teams ranked lower than themselves in the league, putting them in 6th place.

2014 Edit

The 2014 season saw the greatest upward move for the Templars in their history. With the signing of rookie Steffi O'Brien as queen and last-minute replacement of Robert Hubbard with Mike Davis as king, they gained momentum in the early season. The replacement of O'Brien with Sara Hodges maintained that momentum after O'Brien's move to The Phoenix, and landed them a spot in the semifinals with a regular season record of 4-3.

Notable PlayersEdit

Even in its short history, the Templars have hosted some of the highest talents in the league including

David P. Schneider

Chris Marchand

Rachel Bigelow

Jesse Richards

Steffi O'Brien

Anne Osberg