The Celts
Celt's MCCL logo
Years Active 2007 - present
Team Color Light Blue
Team Motto Unknown
Current King Jason Kobett (2015-)
Previous Kings Brian Watson-Jones (2010 - 2014)

Brady Huffman (2007-2010)

General Manager Unknown
Combined Regular Season Record 23-30 (8 seasons)
Championship Titles none

The Celts are one of the eight founding teams in the Midwest Combat Chess League, and actively competing. They have struggled to be competitive since their inception, with only two winning seasons in eight years. Their one chance at the championship came during the notorious 2010 finals in which --REDACTED-- they lost.



The Celts had a shaky start in the MCCL inaugural season, winning only a single match against the Corsairs.  Their emphasis on ferocity and scare tactics proved rather fruitless and they finished the season with a record of 1-6.


The Celts improved over their previous year's performance, scoring victories against the Cavaliers and Corsairs, and finished the season 2-5.


The Celts were well prepared to have a great 2009 season, but the Players' strike eliminated several matches they were expected to win, and instead left them with a record of 1-3.


To Celts fans, the 2010 season was a miracle marred by its finish.  The team that had never won more than 2 matches in a year skyrocketed to the top with 6 wins and 1 loss, defeating the 2-time champion Dragons in the regular season as well as the returning champion Legion.  Their only loss was in the final week of play against the Roses, when the postseason had already been decided.  After defeating the Cavaliers in the semifinals, they met the Dragons in the Finals in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Too much has been said about the now infamous championship bout during which --REDACTED-- they lost.


Shaken by the events of the 2010 championship, the Celts slipped somewhat in 2011, finishing 5th in the league with a record of 3-4.


The Celts looked to be in great form going into the 2012 matchup, and it seemed as though the Dragons would be their only true test and vice versa.  They finished in 3rd place, losing only to the Dragons and The Corsairs to earn a 5-2 record.  They lost to the eventual champion Corsairs in the semifinals.