The Banshees
Years Active 2012 - present
Team Color Maroon
Team Motto Unknown
Current King Steve Looten (2015-current)
Previous Kings Edward Johnson (2012 - 2014)
General Manager Michael Alan Kahn
Combined Regular Season Record 6-15 (3 seasons)
Championship Titles none

The Banshees are an active team in the Midwest Combat Chess League.  They were formerly affiliated with the Rocky Mountain Chess League until an interleague restructuring after the 2011 season. Since their transfer they have had trouble in the MCCL, generally underperforming and never making the postseason.



The Banshees seemed to have trouble adapting to the Midwest style of play in their first year in the MCCL, accruing a record of 2-5.

2013 Edit

The sophomore season for the Banshees proved even more problematic for the team, scoring only 1 victory in the regular season. This season marked the departure of longtime Banshee Steve Looten to The Corsairs.

2014 Edit

With the return of Looten to the team after the 2014 Corsair Mutiny, the Banshees experienced their most successful season yet, finishing just out of postseason contention at 3-4.

Notable MembersEdit

Adam Scarpello

Robert Korsmo (2015-)

Steve Looten (2012, 2014-)