Phil Henry
Phil Henry.jpg 2016
Phil Henry's 2016 League photo
Vital statistics
Nickname The Professional
Career Record 10-3
Postseason Record 4-1
Status Active
Physical attributes
Age 30
Height 5'10"
Weight Middleweight
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Corsairs (2013,2016-Present)
Previous Teams The Dragons (2014-2015)

Phil Henry is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League, currently signed to The Dragons



Henry initially drafted by The Roses for the 2013 season, but was traded in the Pre-Season The Corsairs as part of a massive deal to reacquire Robert Korsmo. As King Rook Pawn, Phil saw little combat. This paid off during the 2013 Championship Match as no one was quite sure what Phil's weak weapons were, allowing Phil to earn 3 victories of Calonice Meiners, Jesse Richards, and Kathryn Jacobs.


Henry was set to return to The Corsairs after being drafted, however he was among many Corsair veterans the decided to not join the team in protest over the sacking of Chris Marchand as King. Marchand's move to The Dragons as part of their Front Office and coaching staff paved the way for Henry to be picked up by The Dragons.

Fighting StyleEdit