Meredith Larson
Meredith Larson
Meredith Larson's 2012 League photo
Vital statistics
Nickname "The Avenging Angel", "The Concusser"
Career Record 32-11
Postseason Record 6-2
Status Active
Physical attributes
Age 25
Height 5'10"
Weight 165
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Dragons (2014-)
Previous Teams The Corsairs (2011-)

Meredith Larson is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League currently signed to The Corsairs.



Meredith Larson spent her rookie season as a Corsairs pawn, accruing a record of 7-2.  She played in the semifinals match against The Cavaliers that postseason, and provided one of her team's 6 bout victories en route to The Corsairs' loss.


New Corsairs King Max Savage saw leadership potential in Larson during the 2011 season, and promoted her to Queen after the departure of Lari Taylor from the team.  Meredith enjoyed a meteoric rise in recognition during the 2012 season, earning the name "concussor" after a highly publicized bout against Skot Rieffer.  Near the end of the bout she managed to strike Rieffer with the pommel of his own sword, rendering him unconscious.  Meredith finished the regular season with a record of 12-4.  She played a vital role in the postseason that year, winning three bouts including the final fight against Legion rook Mike Bloom.  Her performance earned her the nod as MVP of the 2012 championship game.


Meredith received a new nickname from then King Chris Marchand - "The Avenging Angel". Marchand frequently utilized her to watchdog the board and take out players he was not happy with, and that strategy rewarded them by taking The Corsairs to the Finals.


Meredith signed to The Dragons in 2014 after The Corsairs fired Chris Marchand.

Fighting StyleEdit

Larson is a fierce competitor, utilizing both extreme conditioning and high-end technical skills to defeat her opponents.  While she is exceptionally skilled at swordplay, and she has had success with unarmed combat, 6 of her 11 career loss have come via quarterstaff.


2012 Championship MVP

2013 Championship