Max Savage
Max Savage
Max Savage's 2012 league photo.
Vital statistics
Nickname none
Career Record 60 - 42
Postseason Record 5 - 3
Status Active
Physical attributes
Age 25
Height 5'9"
Weight Welterweight
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Dragons (2013-)
Previous Teams The Corsairs (2012-2013)

The Cavaliers (2010-2011) The Roses (2009) The Valkyries (2007-2008)

Max Savage is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League, currently signed to The Dragons.



Max was one of the first players to vie for a king position in the League, and given his chess background he was granted the leadership position of the fledgling Valkyries.  


Savage took the Valkyries to the postseason in 2008, placing 3rd in the league but eventually losing to the dragons in the semifinals.


After two years as King, Max decided he wanted to spend more time as a fighting piece to gain a better understanding of the combat portion of the sport and improve his abilities as a king.  Unfortunately, after stepping down from the king position, two events conspired to complicate the matter.  The first was the 2009 players' strike.  As a result of the strike, the second event was Valkyries management deciding to sell the team to the New England Combat Chess Association.  Consequently, wanting to stay in his midwest home, Savage opted to take a position on the Roses for the 2009 season.  This year saw his first appearance in the championship, defeating Legion knight Nora Sachs in a rapier bout.  


Max was offered a contract with the Cavaliers as a result of his performance in the previous year's finals, which he took.



By 2012, Savage felt he was both ready to return to the King position, and done with the Cavaliers.  He petitioned the Corsairs to allow him to take the position after their former king announced his retirement. His proposal was accepted, and he immediately set out to restructuring the team.  His adjustments worked, and for the first time, he led a team to the championship match.  He defeated the Legion with Nora Sachs at the helm, gaining the Corsairs their first League title.


Max began the season as king of the The Corsairs, but before their second match of the season he left the team to join the The Dragons.  During the 2013 Championship Dragon's King Daniel Sbriglio aggressively played Max forward and after defeating Brian Hesser with Smallswords and Megan Dowd with Gladius, ran afoul of Corsair's King Chris Marchand and was defeated in a Longsword contest.


Max was invited back to join The Dragons as a fighter and part of the coaching staff.

Fighting StyleEdit

Savage has an unorthodox style, frequently opting to use a weapon in a manner it is not intended to be used to confuse his opponents.  He also makes excellent use of rhythm to disrupt his opponents' timing.  Max's strongest weapon by far is the rapier, both in single form and with a paired off-hand weapon.


Youngest King in MCCL history (Valkyries, 2007: age 18)

King of the Valkyries (2007-2008)