Darwin Hull
Darwin.jpg 2016
Darwin Hull's 2016 League Photo
Vital statistics
Nickname Unknown
Career Record 16-6
Postseason Record 1-1
Status Active
Physical attributes
Age 28
Height 5' 11"
Weight Super Heavyweight
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Phoenix (2014, 2016-Present)
Previous Teams The Celts (2015)

Darwin Hull is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League currently signed to The Phoenix.



Hull was headhunted by the management of the brand new team The Phoenix and transferred into the MCCL from the New England Combat Chess League during the Pre-Season of 2014. Hull made a huge splash with the fans, quickly becoming a fan favorite; he was also instrumental in The Phoenix's near perfect regular season run.

Hull saw action in the 2014 Championship, a Dueling Saber contest against Callan Korpi which he lost.


Hull was taken early in the 2015 Draft by The Celts by New King Jason Kobett and proved and invaluable asset to Kobett in the Celts' 2015 Championship Season.

Hull faced off against Ryan Bergman with Longswords in the 2015 Championship match, and contest he handily won.


Hull was drafted by The Phoenix for the 2016 Season, and also voted into the Pre-season 2016 All-Star Game.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hull fights in a way that makes him appear simple and untrained, with a preference towards Unarmed or Heavy Bladed weapons. What shocks most of his opponents is that he's a quick study, and regardless of weapon, often find their own special techniques being used against them.